I love design, sewing & embroidery and I have a passion for the environment. These qualities unite in my label sep7emberkids: coats, scarves and bags handmade from vintage (upcycled) wool.

I love to work with existing fabrics and give them a second life. This is how my label sep7emberkids originated. In contrast of reusing or recycling, upcycling uses existing materials to improve upon existing ones. The process requires a considerable amount of creativity and vision, as well as a foundation of thriftiness and environmental conciousness.

​By upcycling we stop adding to our planet that is already overwhelmed with material things. Instead we create a sustainable and unique one of a kind fashion.

​All items are made in the Netherlands. For this we work together with "Het Naaiatelier" from Stichting UMA. This foundation works with refugees with knowledge of the sewingtrade. This way they can contribute in a positive way.

The pieces are sold from stock or by custom order (you can choose your preference by color, print and material). For customorders you can send an message by email ( or you can fill in the form by 'contact'.

- Made with love, handle with care -

Marlous de Winter



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