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Sep7emberkids is a dutch sustainable label for kids: coats, scarves, waistcoats and bags, made from vintage (upcycled) wool. Upcycling is giving (beautiful) existing materials a new purpose, which means there's no waste and no pollution for the environment. Also it's my way to turn around the fastfashion culture into slowfashion, buy less and choose consciously.

The label is founded in october 2016 by Marlous de Winter (07-09-1977). The 't' in sep7ember is replaced by the 'lucky number 7': Marlous' birthday and (unfortunately) the anniversay of her mothers passing. 

The pieces are all individual, one of a kind designs made by Marlous, BORO*ATELIER Amsterdam, a social workplace in Amsterdam & 'Het Naaiatelier' founded by 'Stichting UMA' a social workplace in Utrecht,

"My goal is to raise awareness for all the beauty that already exists"

Marlous de Winter​



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